Our Charity

Coventry Church (Municipal) Charities is an unincorporated Charity which is registered with the Charity Commission (No.228486). The Charity is also registered with Homes England (formerly The Homes and Community Agency) as a registered housing provider and is also proud to be a member of The Almshouse Association.

The Trustees of the Charity understand the need to modernised the structure and governance of the charity and will shortly be transferring the Almshouse Charity that exists within CC(M)C to a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) which will be named The Bond’s and Ford’s Almshouse Charity. When this occurs, the Trustees will then become Directors of the new CIO.

CC(M)C currently consist of three charities namely:

  • Bond’s and Ford’s Hospital
  • City Charity of John Cockesonne (which includes The Samuel Edwards Charity and The Foleshill Aid in sickness fund).
  • Lane Educational Foundation Charity.

Whilst Bond’s and Ford’s Hospital Charity is the main focus of our attention dealing with the provision of Almshouses the other charities play a smaller but nether the less important role within our organisation. Both the John Cockesonnes and Lane Educational have a small endowment funds which provides income which the Trustees distribute to other charitable organisations within Coventry who are in need. Donations normally range from £500 to £2000 and all applications are considered at the Trustees quarterly meeting.

We are principally an Almshouse Charity and a non-profit making organisation. We rely on weekly maintenance contributions from residents and interest from our limited investments.



Mr M F H White MRICS FAAV – Chief Executive Officer and Clerk

Mrs Catriona Milburn – Operations Director

Mrs Jan Thompson – Scheme Manager

Miss Cathy Crosson – Scheme Manager

Mrs Annette Robinson- Admin

Mrs Linda Lee – Housekeeper

Mrs Zina Melihova – Housekeeper

Mr Bryan Walker – Handyman.


The Trust is governed by a maximum of twelve trustees three of them are nominated by Coventry City Council and two nominated by Bond’s Hospital Estate Charity. The trustees and the staff have an excellent working relationship and work together to improve the quality of life for the people living within their Almshouses.

Trustees are volunteers who collectively provide many years of knowledge and experience to aid the operation of the Charity. The Trustees meet at least four times a year.

  • Mr Victor Keene MBE , Chairman
  • Mr Richard Kenyon 
  • Mrs Sylvia Forte
  • Mrs Virginia Rigby
  • Dr Michael Spokes
  • Mr Richard Dyott DL
  • Mr Martin Harban 
  • Mr N Williams 
  • Cllr Joe Clifford
  • Mr David Kershaw CBE
  • Cllr Linda Bigham