February 2013


As I write the snow has gone but there is promise of more to come, but there are signs of Spring. The Witch Hazel in my garden has put on a wonderful show of gold blossom with a sweet honey scent. Snowdrops are coming into flower, Crocus leaves are peeping up and there are buds on the Narcissi. The sharp frosts don’t seem to have done much damage; on the contrary we hope they have killed off garden pests and nasty bugs and diseases. Aren’t we grateful to the heating engineers who have kept us warm and cosy!

I was delighted to be asked to attend the Bond’s Hospital Social Committee Annual Meeting. New officers were appointed and ideas for outings and activities shared. It looks as if you will have a busy social year in 2013. It was good to see representatives from Bond’s Court in attendance. I am sure that joint activities will be so much more enjoyable when residents from all three Almshouses take part.


I wonder how many times you have passed this window but not read the description on the wall. The Motto ‘So long as the World shall endure’ was the wish of Thomas Bond expressed in his Will about his Hospital. The shell design symbolises the development of the Almshouses over the years and on into the future. The colour blue represents ‘true Coventry Blue’ and the colours of nature – green, yellow and red – represent the investment in land and farming which brings in the majority of Bond’s Estate funds. Why not take a minute to read the full description?

 Victor Keene