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April Newsletter


You may know of the Nicholas Chamberlaine Almshouses in Bedworth. As one of our neighbouring Almshouses we have a very happy relationship with their Trustees. In fact our recently retired clerk, Richard Dyott, also served their charity for many years. The Bedworth Almshouses were founded in 1715 by the then Rector of Bedworth, Nicholas Chamberlaine, who was concerned by the poverty brought about by the decline of the weaving industry. The present beautiful building was built in the 1830s and stands in All Saints Square adding very much to the character of the town. The Trust also manages the Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College which was founded at the same time as two separate schools for boys and girls.

Our Almshouses were founded by Thomas Bond and William Ford out of similar concerns for Coventry citizens who had fallen on hard times. How thankful we are for their generosity and foresight!

The Trustees had a very interesting visit to Lench’s Trust in Birmingham the other week. They have just completed building the kind of ‘extra care’ facility which- we are hoping to establish on the Hill Street car park. It is a fine building which includes a bistro type restaurant and a small shop run by the residents. We were very impressed by their IT and Library room which prompted us to install bookshelves in our IT room and to establish our own library. Annette is in the throes of gathering a collection of books together – all contributions welcome!